Friday, November 18, 2011

Toyota planning electric car and smaller plug-in hybrid for sale in America next year

Toyota electric car
Toyota electric car

Classic car of Toyota 2000GT

America and Europe have the classic and vintage car market pretty much to themselves. Look at any esteemed car auction and the big hitters, the million dollar works of art, are all Duesenbergs, Shelbys, Ferraris, Delahayes and Delages, plus a Horch or early supercharged Mercedes here and there.

For a Japanese car to cross into the seven-figure mark, it better have some serious racing history listed on its CV, or at least Richie Ginther's or John Surtees' name spelled out down the sides.

Japan entered the car industry quite late, getting serious only from the Thirties or thereabouts. And they got serious fora single reason; cheap mobilisation. That of course meant churning out innumerable runabouts powered by minuscule engines with price tags of three yen fifty.

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