Saturday, January 9, 2010

Michael Jackson’s Car Collection Pictures


The passing of the King of Pop has come as a shock to a lot of us. There are some of us who are still coming to terms with the man whose music has been the soundtrack of our childhood and adult life but he will always live on in his music and in our hearts. Michael Jackson was probably the best entertainer of our era and with this he made a fortune. Now that he has passed on, take a look at his collection of cars.

Back in February it was announced that a collection of items belonging to Michael Jackson would be auctioned off, including his own fleet of vehicles. Although that auction was cancelled in mid-April, it gave us a chance see how the King of Pop lived while being chauffeured around California.


Now that Michael Jackson has passed on, we decided to take a look back at these vehicles. It is unknown what will happen to many of the Neverland Ranch possessions (Michael Jackson did have a lot of debt), and surely some of these will wind up either on the auction block, or in a museum.


Jackson owned at least four limousines, including a 1999 Rolls Royce Silver Seraph that was unusually decorated, to say the least. Our friends at Jalopnik described it well, when they said, “The dark blue Seraph wears an interior which looks to have been pulled directly from the Palace of Versailles.” Michael Jackson was said to have designed the interior himself, which probably explains the generous use of 24-carat gold. The vehicle was said to have a 5.4-liter V12 aluminum engine that generated up to 322 horsepower.


He also owned a 1990 RollS Royce Silver Spur II, trimmed in contrasting white leather and black fabric. Dark, tinted windows were adorned in white curtains, and a full-service bar that was used for god-knows-what. His white, 1988 Lincoln Town Car had a much more subdued interior that used gray leather and fabric. The fourth limo is the same 1954 Cadillac Fleetwood used during the filming of Driving Miss Daisy. Jackson’s collection included a 1997 Neoplan Tour Bus with individual seats and booths, and a king’s crown embroidered in the carpet. Possibly used on the HiStory World Tour, the bus featured a bathroom lined in porcelain, gold, and granite.


A few of his other vehicles included a 1993 Ford Econoline van with leather seats, individual tv screens, and an old-school video game console, a 1986 GMC High Sierra firetruck, a 1988 GMC Jimmy, and a replica of a 1909 Detamble Model B Roadster. Amongst the collection was an electrified horse-drawn carriage, and a 2001 Harley Davidson touring police bike.
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